How to Optimize Outbound Sales Effectiveness

Most sales professionals apply some kind of outbound sales strategy to generate leads. Since it is such an important area it makes sense to invest time, energy and money in driving improvement in this area in order to capture quality leads. There are quite a number of techniques and tactics that can be used to perform outbound prospecting- ways that would help you filter through all your leads and find the ones that are sales ready.

Outbound sales conducted through cold calling

Making cold calls is important when it comes to soliciting business from prospective customers. Invest in cold call training. You must not waste time on making cold calls to people who simply hang up on you or ask you to take them off your call list. Devote time to research your prospects and create a quality target list to call from. Proper targeting can help improve lead conversion rate.

When you make cold calls you are most likely to run up against a number of objections and hostility. Prepare for all the antagonism that you might be facing in advance and be ready with responses that would help you sail through the conversations as smoothly as possible. This could have a big positive impact on your sales figures.

It will be helpful if you can develop a telemarketing script outlining what you are going to say during the call. However you need not adhere to it strictly though. You can allow the top sell performers to build their own scripts. And if that can yield better results than the in-house scripts developed, share it with other members of the outbound sales team.

Prospecting is an important part of outbound sales

Investing maximum time on the prospects that are more likely to buy something from you is important rather than wasting your time on those that are not worth pursuing. Therefore it is advisable to frame a series of important questions based on which you can qualify the prospects and measure how much potential they have for purchasing. Focusing on the right prospect is essential. There would be different categories of prospects you would like to sell to. And as per the list segregation there will definitely be some who more likely will be better fit in terms of their need and ability to buy. Devote maximum time to these prospects to enhance outbound sales productivity.

Outbound sales outsourcing

You can outsource the outbound activity to enhance performance and attract new customers. There are several firms that provide cold calling lead generation services. You can avail these services to generate better results at a lower level of cost.


It is advisable to create some kind of performance metrics to evaluate outbound sales efficiency. Performance should be measured in terms of the number of calls made per day; the percentage of prospects contacted that result in sales and total number of calls made to the same prospects before a sale is made. Outbound sales method is crucial to business development. In fact despite the rising popularity of other marketing strategies, this customer facing sale stool is still considered very effective.

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