Engaging Your People in a Sales Quest

Does your organization have a sales quest? If the answer is no, consider the idea. You might be surprised at what happens when your entire sales team agrees to pursue a dream, to make the dream a reality.

In the olden days, a quest was personal. You know what I mean. The knight rode off into the sunset on a white horse because he achieved his dream. In the modern world, a quest is a journey where a group of people agrees to pursue something by performing in certain way, resulting in the achievement of an exciting and rewarding outcome that benefits everyone involved in the journey. In addition, there must be a romantic element to the voyage that drives passion and belief.

If you have never done anything like this before, try answering these questions to get started. There is one other important point before you begin. A sales quest is not just for salespeople. It is for anyone who touches your clients, regardless of title.

The Questions

I recommend that you print this article and answer the questions in writing.

Who is driving this quest?
Whom are you targeting with this quest?
What do you want to accomplish?
What must people be willing to do to be successful?
What must people be able to demonstrate?
What competencies must be performed exceptionally well to achieve the quest?
What will people have that they do not have now by making a commitment to go on this quest?
How will you measure progress?
What would be worthy of notice if outsiders heard about the quest?
The Next Step

Once you answered the questions, sit down and wordsmith the document. Formalize the quest and share it with everyone who you want to ask to join in on the journey.

Some people may be reluctant to participate and some may totally reject the idea. Some people may watch from the sidelines and only agree to join in the journey when they see progress.

You cannot mandate that your people go on a quest; you must engage them and inspire them to join in on the pursuit. Sometimes you have to sell your people on a new and challenging idea. This quest illustrates a possible outcome of answering the nine questions.

The ABC Company east coast sales team will meet with every buyer in our assigned territory who requires our type of technology so that we can obtain dominant market share. We will overcome 100% of the objections we encounter, and will use comprehensive product knowledge to identify and solve client problems no matter how complex. Our closing rate will be exceptionally high because we use business acumen, relationship adeptness, value creation, and competitive differentiation when pursuing a qualified sales opportunity. We will receive corporate recognition for growing the company to achieve its full potential based on the number of annual installations. The other sales teams will admire and respect the commitment of our team to work on achieving this queue

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